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Manager Selection

Superior investment results are most reliably achieved through the selection and engagement of superior individual managers. Risk control begins with them. Once a strategy for the commitment of capital is devised, we assist clients in creating specifications for the investment managers who will execute the plan, then advance potential managers based upon the specifications developed. Investment management firms favored by Hamilton & Company tend to be independent, entrepreneurial, collegially organized and managed by senior investment professionals.

The managers we suggest may be classified roughly in any number of ways, including by style, if that aids communication. In our view, however, "style" is a term adopted more to fit models than to illuminate any particular manager's likely impact on a given portfolio. The roster of managers our clients routinely choose to employ is sufficiently broad and deep to cover any area of opportunity likely to present itself to an institutional account of the size we customarily serve.

Hamilton & Company is unique in the industry in having an independently verified record of success in manager selection.