A portfolio must do more than post abstract numbers on a spreadsheet;
it must 'do work,' however the client may define it.
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Classic Principles and Common Sense

Hamilton & Company's fundamental philosophy is the same for all clients, regardless of size or type, though its implementation is in each case unique. We begin from the proposition that a portfolio must do more than post abstract numbers on a spreadsheet; it must "do work," however the client may define that.

A foundation or endowment must generate income to support its mission and fund its operations and protect the principal that is critical to its future.

A pension fund must maintain sufficient liquidity and generate adequate income to meet current benefit obligations while growing at a rate that will provide for the funding of future benefits and minimize the need for contributions from the plan sponsor.

A family may consist of multiple branches, with multiple generations, each with unique goals, circumstances and needs.

These may seem obvious observations, but too often pragmatism can wither in the face of irrational markets, sound judgment may be obscured by the sparkle of the latest investment fad, or a successful long-term result may be abandoned in pursuit of a chancy short-term promise.

Our practical, commonsense approach and adherence to classic investment principles has served clients of all sizes and classes well through widely varying market conditions.