Detailed monitoring begins
immediately after establishing the investment management structure.
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Performance Measurement and
Ongoing Monitoring

Organizing intelligently is critical, but policy, organization and people are dynamic factors that must be followed continuously. Accordingly, detailed monitoring begins immediately after establishing the investment management structure. Complete investment performance reports are prepared quarterly in detail or more often, if needed. Our reports are the product of our professionals' considered and careful efforts, not a mass-produced commodity or immutable computer output. They distinguish themselves for their readability and relevance, and are presented, in all cases, by one or more of our senior consultants.

We keep watch on more than performance, however. We also monitor compliance with investment guidelines; organizational changes or other factors affecting our clients' investment managers; shifts in market conditions or geopolitical events, along with many other factors that could indicate the need for a change in a client's guidelines, managers or capital commitment.

We also take pride in our ability to respond quickly and comprehensively to special requests and to move efficiently on actionable ideas. We have no rigid number of "consulting days" and attend meetings or follow up on inquiries as necessary to the result.