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Capital Commitment

Hamilton & Company does not advance off-the-shelf or model asset allocations, as each client's imperatives and preferences are unique. Only after a thorough review of a fund's particulars and its statement of objectives and guidelines, as well as an assessment of the current investment environment and outlook, are we able to begin assisting our clients in establishing a capital deployment strategy that properly balances prudence and productivity.

Too often, asset allocation can be a paint-by-numbers exercise that results in the construction of portfolios containing every conceivable asset class in some proportion as a way of increasing diversification and reducing risk. Diversification can be useful for reducing risk, but it also must encompass good investment ideas, not simply asset classes per se. Careful consideration and balancing of a portfolio's liquidity, income and principal gain requirements at any given moment will determine the proper structure, and any quantitative analyses must answer ultimately to good judgment and common sense.